Street Food

Melting flavours, spices, butter and much more. The perfect blend of spice & tanginess with warm butter that takes you into a trance.

South Indian

Goodness served on a bed of banana leaves. With an extensive list of options & variety travel the lands of Southern India in every bite.

North Indian

Delicacies of the north. From plate to mouth, experience the true meaning & feeling of ‘Balle Balle’.


The much needed twang with an Indian twist. A distinct cuisine formed by adapting Chinese seasoning and cooking techniques to Indian tastes.


Cheesy delight in every bite. A multitude of popular Italian delicacies and dishes. Experience a journey to Italy right here at Shiv Sagar


Making your heart go Ariba at every crunch We bring you some of the most celebrated Mexican dishes which will leave you wanting for more, every time


Every slurp is a gateway to heaven. A cold dessert made with noodles with it’s origins in the Persian dish faloodeh. Come enjoy many variants of it here!


Glasses filled with deliciousness to quench your thirst, a flavour for every weather!